At CKG Partners our success comes directly from our clients’ success. We love to see their businesses grow and are proud to have the CKG name behind their continued financial prosperity.

The Lynch Family – B & L Steel

“The help of Aaron of CKG Partners has played an integral part in the development of our business and has flowed on to our private affairs as well,”

Neville Darke – Darke Agencies

“It was definitely a steep learning curve for me, but it was a time I really learnt a lot about business, particularly cash management. It was great to have Aaron and Jim around, as they really helped me,”

Ms Debbie Fallon – Entrepreneur

“CKG has never charged for helping me get a non-profit company to fundraise for community groups in the Newstead area off the ground,”

Mr Jerry Guo – B & G (Wholesale) Tyres Pty Ltd

“Clarissa’s and CKG’s multi-cultural background and experience with the Australian market, business laws and regulation were among the factors which helped me get started and grow,”